Transferable skills training for researchers
Interactive Workshops

Training for research institutes and scientific networks

Training in transferable skills, sometimes called “soft skills”, is key for researchers’ professional development. In fact, these are the skills that will make a difference in a researcher’s career, whether inside or outside academia. However, many institutes find it challenging to provide engaging, practical training that matches the high expectations of scientists. We deliver interactive workshops on transferrable skills to boost your institute’s training program.  

Get training in key transferable skills for researchers

To help institutes and scientific networks meet their researchers’ demand for training, we provide interactive workshops that helps scientists deal with the main challenges they face in their everyday working environment. We use innovative training techniques and proven didactic concepts to create practical, engaging workshops and courses on a range of key topics, such as:

  • Scientific Writing
  • Grant Writing
  • Oral and Poster Presentations
  • Effective Reading
  • Career Development
  • Empowering Women in Science
  • Time and Project management for PhD students
  • Self-management and teamwork, for postdocs and group leaders
Our Experience

Let our team of experienced scientists help you

In our training, we deal with skills we wish we had been trained in during our own research careers. Since 2015, we have delivered more than 250 workshops to ~3,500 PhD students, Postdocs, and Group Leaders at more than 50 research institutes, universities, and research networks throughout Europe.