Aleix Obiol, Researcher at Institut de Ciències del Mar (ICM-CSIC)

It helped me a lot to improve my writing style. Very detailed review of the language and the coherence between sections. Many helpful comments.”

Albert Espelt Hernàndez, Coordinator of the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, Faculty of Health Sciences of Manresa

“Anglès molt ben revisat. Comentaris científics que ajuden a millorar el manuscrit. La millor forma d’augmentar les probabilitat que t’acceptin un manuscrit és passar per les vostres mans.

Samuel Ojosnegros Martos, Head of Open Innovation Laboratory, Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC)

Worth doing it. You nailed your edits, both direct additions/substitutions and comments. Nailed it. I pretty much accepted everything. “

Verónica Espinel Flores, Research assistant, Consorci de Salut i Social de Catalunya

The revision was accurately performed and in a very short time. The outcome of the revision was really satisfactory. It really enhanced the manuscript.”

Glòria Tort Nasarre, Coordinator of the courses of nursing and physiotherapy, Universitat de Lleida

“Adaptation and flexibility in adapting ideas. Commitment with the established dates and contribution with new proposals. The translation and adaptation of the manuscript has been highly satisfactory.”

Gwenael Piganeau, Researcher, Sorbonne Université

Great, I am convinced and will contact you again! There was the English editing obviously, but also some suggestions to improve the clarity of the message and general comments about when we should explain what.”

Sandra Mechó Meca, Radiologist, Futbol Club Barcelona (FCB)

“Fast and detailed work, at the excellence level. You have looked for the specified author guidelines of the Journal, you have reviewed all the details.”

Miquel Angel Fullana, Researcher, IMIM

I’ve worked with ThePaperMill on on different types of scientific papers on several ocasions, and I’ve always been very happy with the results. They not only do a great editing job, but they also have a lot of scientific experience, which is very important when reading and editing my manuscripts. Moreover, they polish my papers so that, not only is the science clear, but there’s also an interesting story behind each one.”