Scientists working for scientists

We are a team of scientists with more than 50 years combined experience as scientific researchers, and more than 20 years experience as science communicators and trainers. Our scientist’s perspective forms the backbone of all our editing and training solutions, so we focus, not just on theory, but on the tough experience of daily life as a researcher.

We believe that science training needs to move away from the individualistic, trial-and-error model of the past, towards a more collaborative, methodological approach. This approach must also allow for the human factor, taking advantage of our strengths as scientists, and helping us better manage our weaknesses and biases as human beings.

ThePaperMill was founded in 2013 and is based in Barcelona, one of Europe’s most active and fastest-growing hubs for scientific research and innovation.

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Gavin Lucas PhD

leader, editor and trainer

Gavin is a scientist with 13 years of experience in biomedical research, and 9 years of experience as an scientific editor and trainer. He has a solid track-record as a publishing scientist, and has also helped publish hundreds of scientific articles and funding proposals for dozens of institutes in diverse fields. He has extensive experience as a trainer in scientific writing and other topics, and provides consultancy on scientific productivity and training at academic institutes and agencies. Gavin founded ThePaperMill in 2013.


Tobias Maier PhD


Tobias is a lecturer at the National Institute for Science Communication in Karlsruhe, Germany. He has a PhD in biochemistry and a ten-year track record in academic research, funding acquisition and scientific publishing. He has extensive experience as a trainer at workshops for scientists on diverse topics, including scientific writing, online science communication, career development, leadership, and other transferable skills. Tobias joined ThePaperMill as a trainer in 2015.


Rosa Pujol Pina PhD


Rosa obtained her Ph.D. in Chemistry at the Institute for Research in Biomedicine, Barcelona, for her research on proteins involved in Alzheimer’s disease. In 2013 she began training and working as a professional scientific editor and translator, and has built up extensive experience in writing, editing and translating scientific manuscripts and other documents for medical and basic research groups, pharmaceutical companies and research institutes. Rosa joined ThePaperMill in 2015.

Crina Popa

Crina Popa PhD

project coordinator

Crina has a PhD in Biotechnology and more than 5 years of experience in managing scientific research projects. During her research, she created successful collaborations with biotechnology companies and international research groups, and developed a strong interest in working in teams with diverse scientific backgrounds. She also organized several workshops and science outreach activities, and enjoys communication and management in the scientific setting.


Kayla Smith


Kayla studied global health at the University of Iowa before coming to Barcelona to complete her Masters in Public Health. She studied health systems, privatization, and commodification in the United States and Spain and her research focused on healthcare access for marginalized populations. She has been working as a scientific editor and translator since 2012, and joined ThePaperMill in 2016 to combine her joint passions of scientific communication and healthcare.


Tony Ferrar


Tony has over 12 years of experience in academic research. He studied biochemistry at the University of Calgary, Canada, where he completed his thesis in cell signalling and protein phosphorylation. He currently works as a researcher on synthetic and systems biology. Since 2014 he has also been working actively as a scientific editor on articles published in top international journals including Nature, eLife, and PLoS One. Tony joined ThePaperMill to extend his experience into the health sciences field.