Manuscript Support

Writing papers is the cornerstone of productive research, but it can be difficult to stay motivated and not get lost in the details, especially at the end of long projects. As experienced publishing scientists, we have lived through these challenges. We also know that scientific writing is a lot more about science than about writing, so our approach is to adopt the role of reviewer, editor and reader to offer you an impartial scientist’s perspective. We work with you on clarifying your scientific story, connecting your ideas so that they resonate with the reader, and perfecting the flow and style of the language to help take your article or grant proposal from advanced draft to submission-ready.

Since 2013, we have helped publish over 270 scientific articles and grant applications, and are actively working with a more than 40 clients, including universities, public research institutes, agencies and foundations, EU research networks, and private companies. Get in touch to discuss your next manuscript.

Training for
Research Scientists

Training in transferrable and complementary skills is fast becoming recognised as key for scientists’ professional development, and there is a clear demand for their institutes to provide this training. To meet this demand we deliver workshops, training programs, and deliverable-focused actions to help scientists deal with the main challenges they face, both scientific and non-scientific. We use innovative training techniques and proven didactic concepts to train scientists in a range of key topics, including scientific communication, management, and working in teams.

We have delivered training sessions, workshops and retreats to hundreds of PhD students, PostDocs and senior scientists at more than a dozen research centres, and are now running long-term training programs on diverse topics at several of these centres.

Training for

Applicants for the H2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network call face many challenges, one of which is to provide a program of training and mentoring that meets not only the needs of the Early Stage Researchers, but also the exacting criteria of the evaluation panel. We provide joint Training and Mentoring Programs that combine workshops adapted to the evolving needs of the ESRs with a peer mentoring program that provides continuous support through collaborative learning and reduces the burden of training on supervisors. By focusing our training and mentoring actions on concrete scientific deliverables, we not only support the ESRs’ work, but also contribute to the network’s scientific output.

We are currently working with the SINGEK Network