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Fostering the changing culture of science

We believe that scientific training should be collaborative and pro-active, not done in isolation or by trial-and-error. Thankfully, the culture of scientific training, and of science itself, is changing. Our mission is to push that change forward.

ThePaperMill is a Barcelona-based team of scientists with years of experience in scientific research and publishing. We understand the research ecosystem with all its strengths and weaknesses, and we use our experience to provide innovative training and editing solutions for researchers.
We look forward to joining your team.

What we do

Manuscript Services

We offer the perspective of experienced scientists and editors to help researchers clarify their scientific story, polish their written English, and bring their scientific articles and grant applications up to submission standard.

Training Workshops

We deliver workshops and training programs on a range of key transferable skills for scientists: scientific writing, grantwriting, career development, time and project management, working in teams, and much more.

Grant Writing Support

We provide consultancy and review services for researchers applying to competitive funding calls. We offer general grant writing training or call-specific webinars, as well as tailored one-to-one support for individual applications.

Who we work with