We take science personally

Our clients often talk about how our scientific experience makes such a valuable contribution to their work. But for us, it’s not just about being scientists – it’s also about being citizens in a society that depends on science. We take a personal, ethical interest in making sure that the time and money society spends on scientific research is put to the best possible use for everyone’s benefit. For us, that means helping scientists become more efficient workers and more effective communicators.

We work with dozens of research centres, universities, public agencies and private companies to deliver innovative training and communication solutions that help researchers push their science forward.

Miquel Angel Fullana

Dr Miquel Angel Fullana

I’ve worked with ThePaperMill on on different types of scientific papers on several ocasions, and I’ve always been very happy with the results. They not only do a great editing job, but they also have a lot of scientific experience, which is very important when reading and editing my manuscripts. Moreover, they polish my papers so that, not only is the science clear, but there’s also an interesting story behind each one.